My name is Carol Lisa Lozito and I have become known as the “Painter for the Endangered Species” as that is my passion and the focus of my colorful work. I draw attention to the RAINFOREST and other animal’s habitats that are threatened or endangered by using my style of art to appeal to those who are also environmentally concerned.My goal is to bring the plight of the endangered species to the public’s awareness through my colorful style of art.I have exhibited in many upscale galleries from the Hamptons in NY, also in Florida to Southern California.

I have been interviewed on the radio and television discussing the plight of the disappearing wildlife and showing my colorful, unique work.

My work has been nationally and internationally licensed on puzzles and collectors prints.

My most recent celebrity collector is Bruce (THE BOSS) Springsteen. I have donated some of my work to Tippi Hedren’s ROAR Foundation for the wild cats and other animals.Harold Matzner is on the board of THE PALM SPRINGS film festival. He bought my TROPICAL FISH for the silent auction at ANIMAL SAMARITANS in the desert.

Most of my originals are for sale.

You can also see my work at: